simplifying expressions worksheets

Simplifying Expressions Worksheets

Simplifying Expressions Worksheets

Simplifying expressions worksheets containing pdf questions and answers. There are 14 different simplifying expressions worksheets contained on this page. Simplifying expressions worksheet 1, simplifying expressions worksheet 2 and simplifying expressions worksheet 3 involve questions using algebraic pyramids. Simplifying expressions worksheet 7 contains questions asking students to spot like terms. Simplifying expressions worksheet 13 and simplifying expressions worksheet 14 are newly designed worksheets including fractional coefficients for the 9-1 gcse maths UK national curriculum.

Simplifying Expressions Worksheets Example 1

Algebraic expressions are made up of letters and numbers. We call the letter the unknown. When a letter and number are together, such as 2b, we call this a term. When we simplify algebraic expressions we collect the like terms together.
Worksheets 13 and 14 have been especially designed for the new 9-1 GCSE curriculum.
How to Simplify Terms
Simplifying Drill

Simplifying Expressions Worksheets Example 2

Simplifying Like Terms
Algebraic pyramid type exercises work well when learning how to simplify expressions. How the pyramids work is by adding the two blocks, or bricks, which are below. Teachers may even want to make up their own pyramids from a sheet of blank prymaids. You can omit or delete any block to make the problem more difficult, or you can include fractions, decimals and negatives alongside the algebraic expression for more advanced students.
Simplifying Examples
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Simplifying Expressions Questions And Answers

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