standard form worksheets

Standard Form Worksheets

Standard Form Worksheets

Standard form worksheets pdf containing questions and answers. These standard form worksheets are for gcse foundation and gcse higher. Standard form worksheet 1 and standard form worksheet 2 contain questions on changing from ordinary written numbers to numbers written in standard form. Standard form worksheet 7 contains questions manipulating standard form and standard form worksheet 10 is a fun standard form number search problem.

Standard Form Worksheets Example 1

Standard form is a way to represent really large numbers or really small numbers. Let's say you decide to become an astronomer. Now dealing with the size of space and and the size of the planets requires some hefty work with really hefty numbers - in this instance you would use standard form calculations so you and your astronaut mates could all understand each other better - otherwise you'd end up landing on planet Gibraltar instead of planet Mars!

Standard Form Worksheets Example 2

Students will learn how to convert from standard form into ordinary numbers and the other way around too - from ordinary numbers into standard form. Work with standard form worksheets usually coincides or preceeds working with indices worksheets and index notation worksheets, including roots and powers worksheets. When using standard form it is important to remember that the first number must always be between 1 and 9! (Or 1 and 10, not including 10! 😛 )

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