Area of Circles Worksheets – New & Engaging

Area of Circles Worksheets

There are 2 area of circles worksheets below. Area of Circles worksheets and answers. Each area of circles worksheet targets a specific gcse grade. Area of Circles worksheet 1 contains questions for year 8 at grade 3 gcse foundation. Area of Circles worksheet 2 contains questions for year 9 working at grade 5 for gcse foundation.

Area of Circles Worksheets Example 1

Students will learn to find the area and the Circumference of Circles. Before you get stuck into that you will learn about a magical number called Pi (pronounced pie).
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Pi is 3.14...something, something, something. Don't worry you don't have to memorize it - the calculator has it stored. Can you find the π button?

Area of Circles Worksheet Formula

An area of circles worksheet formula is shown below.

area of circles worksheets

Area of Circles Worksheets Example 2

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If you're looking for Area of Sectors and Area of Segments then try here: Area of Sectors Worksheets. For circumference try here: Circumference Worksheets, and for Perimeter, try here! Perimeter Worksheets.

Area of Circles Worksheet Pi Example

An area of circles worksheet demonstration of the meaning of pi is shown below. The diagram shows the number "pi" represents the exact times the diameter of the circle fits on the circumference of the circle.

what is pi

For Circumference Worksheets try here: Circumference Worksheets.

Area Of Circles Worksheets – New & Engaging