2D shapes Worksheets

2d shapes Worksheets

2D Shapes Worksheets

2d Shapes worksheets for key stage 3 and key stage 4 gcse maths. 2d shapes worksheets in a pdf containing questions and answers which are in a table format. There are currently two 2d shapes worksheets on this page. 2d shapes worksheet 1 is a sorting practice exercise and 2d shapes worksheet 2 is a comparison practice exericse.

2D Shapes Worksheets Example 1

2D shape is a shorthand for two dimensional shape. 2-dimensional shapes can be described as flat. Many kids will be too young to know what a Nintendo is, so let me show you with an example. The image below. The first image shows a design of Mario from back in the 80s and it was 2D, and the latest design of Mario is 3D, or three dimensional. We prefer the 80s, naturally 😎.
2d shapes worksheets

2d shapes worksheet

2D Shapes Worksheets Example 2

At school you will have to learn the names of a whole bunch of 2D shapes. Unlike Rounding, its a topic in maths that is actually pretty useful in life (😆) because we often need to describe shapes quickly without describing what it is. For example you may go house hunting with your future partner and need to tell the estate agent that you liked the house that looked like a trapezium (yehhh right 😕... 😆)

2d shapes key words

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2D Shapes Questions And Answers