Arc Lengths Worksheets

Arc Lengths Worksheets

Arc Lengths Worksheets

Arc lengths worksheets fo gcse higher. These arc lengths worksheets are suitable for year 10 and year 11 working at grade 7 and grade 8. Each arc lengths worksheet is differentiated and visual. Arc lengths worksheet 1 contains questions on find areas of sectors and finding arc lengths. Arc lengths worksheet 2 helps students to derive the formula for arc length and arc lengths worksheet 3 contains questions on area sectors and arc lengths.

Arc Lengths Worksheets Example 1

The length on the circumference between two meeting radii is known as the arc length and you're probably going to have a lesson all about how to calculate the arc length so I wouldn't want to ruin all the fun for you now would I? (british humour aye 😒 🇬🇧)

Check out the formula below!

Arc Lengths Worksheet Formula

Below shows the formula for arc length. The symbol used to represent the angle of the sector for the arc length is known as greek letter theta. "r" represents the radius and the formula also involves the irrational number pi.

arc length worksheet

Arc Lengths Worksheets Example 2

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Arc Lengths Worksheet Example

Below shows an example of how to calculate the arc length.

arc length worksheets

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Arc Lengths Questions And Answers