Bearings Worksheets

Bearings Worksheets

Bearings Worksheets

There are 5 bearings worksheets. Bearing worksheet 1 contains 3 sections involving measuring bearings with a protractor. Bearings worksheet 2 is a sketching and describing bearings exercise. Bearings worksheet 3 is a calculating bearings worksheet using a calculator and bearings worksheet 4 is involves harder calculations. Bearings worksheet 5 involves bearings and scale word questions.

Bearings Worksheets Example 1

A compass has four primary directional points. A cool mnemonic to remember is Never, Eat, Shredded, Wheat. You may know some of your own from Primary school. Share with your neighbour.
bearings worksheets compass

Bearings Worksheets Example 2

After we learn about angles on parallel lines we can do really cool stuff with bearings without having to measure them. When measuring bearings remember we always turn clockwise from north. Naturally, clockwise is the direction a clock turns! We suggest you revise angles on parallel lines before engaging with the calculating bearings worksheets below.
For angles on parallel lines worksheets try here: Angles on Parallel Lines Worksheets.

Bearings Questions And Answers

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