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Forming and Solving Equations worksheets practice questions and answers. Each forming and solving equations worksheet is targetted for gcse maths foundation and gcse higher tier. Forming and solving equations worksheet 1, forming and solving equations worksheet 2, forming and solving equations worksheet 3 and forming and solving equations worksheet 5 asks students to form equations using perimeters, volume and area of shapes. Forming and solving equations worksheet 5 asks students to form and solve equations using a series of I Think of A Number problems.

Forming and Solving Equations Example

The diagram below shows a forming and solving equations example. The forming and solving equations example states that (x + 2), (x + 3) and (x + 4) have a sum of 21. First equation is formed by adding the expressions together. We know to 'add' rather than multiply or subtract because we are finding the 'sum'. Sum means total. x + 2 + x + 3 + x + 4 simplifies to 3x + 9. For practice on simplifying expressions try simplifying expressions questions. To solve the equation 3x + 9 = 21. we subtract 9 from both sides using the balancing method or the function machine method.

Forming Solving Equations Example 1

How to Form and Solve Equations

Forming and solving equations questions often involve knowing properties of shape, perimeters and area of 2d shapes. Often students will need to know the area of rectangles, the area of triangles and other shapes, as well as the perimeter of quadrilaterals and triangles from memory. To brush up on the area of 2d shapes see, area of 2d shapes worksheets. In the example below a rectangle has sides x and (x + 2). The units are not stated but implied as centimetres. To find an expression for the perimeter all four sides are added together, the answer is 4x + 4. To work out an expression for the area, the length and width are multiplied together. The answer is x2 + 2x. There are two extra practice questions in this example. The answers are; 1) 7 and 2) 99cm2. Units must be stated with the answer.

Forming Solving Equations

Forming Solving Equations Worksheets – New & Engaging

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