Finding Nth Term Worksheets

Finding Nth term Worksheet Practice

Finding nth term worksheets for year 8 and year 9. Finding nth term worksheet 1, finding nth term worksheet 2, finding nth term worksheet 3 and finding nth term worksheet 4 target year 8 working on sequences. Finding nth term worksheet 5 includes questions on quadratic sequences. These finding nth term worksheets are for 9-1 gcse foundation and gcse higher.

Finding Nth Term Examples

There are different types of sequences, for example the Fibonacci Sequence. Sequences form their own pattern. We'll want to be able to recognise sequences before we find the nth term of a linear sequence. Linear sequence means the sequence progresses in a uniform manner. Linear sequences always go up or down by the same amount. When a sequence is linear we are able to "find the nth term".

finding the nth term worksheet example 1

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How to Find The Nth Term

The Nth term represents an algebraic expression which provides instruction for how to generate a sequence. In the practical example shown, the nth term is 3n + 2, or 3n plus 2. N stands for the position, 1 is the number in the first position of the sequence and 7 is the number in the 7th position of the sequence. To find the number in the 8th position we multiply  3 by 8 add 2. The term is 26. Can you work out the 99th term in the sequence?
finding the nth term

finding the nth term worksheet example 3

Finding Nth Term Questions And Answers

For questions on sequences see: Sequences Worksheets. For questions on the Fibonacci Sequence try: Fibonacci Sequence Worksheets