Alternate Angles Worksheets

Alternate Angles Worksheets

Alternate Angles Worksheets

Alternate Angles worksheets for gcse maths foundation and gcse higher. There are 5 alternate angles worksheets on this page. Alternate angles worksheet 1 works at grade 2 targeted for year 8. Alternate angles worksheet 3 contains questions for year 7 working at grade 2 and alternate angles worksheet 5 contains questions at grade 4 targeting year 9.

Alternate Angles Worksheets Example 1

Alternate angles are also known as "Z angles" by teachers, because the shape formed between parallel lines looks like "Z". Parallel lines are straight and never touching - a bit like railway tracks.
parallel lines angles worksheets
Terminology is a big deal with this topic. Don't forget to spell parallel correctly - it's a tricky one! PARALLELLLLLEL. 😭

Alternate Angles Worksheet Example

The pairs of angles below show alternate angles. There are 4 separate examples of alternate angles below.

alternate angles worksheet

Alternate Angles Worksheets Example 2

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Alternate Angles Worksheet Starter

Alternate angles starter below asks students to correctly identify the pair of alternate angles.

alternate angles worksheets

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Alternate Angles Questions And Answers