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Collecting like terms worksheets for secondary maths. Collecting like terms worksheet 1, 2 and 3 involve using algebra pyramids. Collecting like terms worksheets 1, 2 and 3 increase progressively in difficulty. Collecting like terms worksheet 4 and collecting like terms worksheet 5 ask students to find perimeters of shapes where each length is written as an algebraic expression. Collecting like terms worksheet 6 is a traditional exercise asking students to simplify the algebraic expressions shown. Collecting like terms worksheet 7 asks students to draw a line connecting pairs of like terms and collecting like terms worksheet 8 asks students to write the algebraic statements which are written in words as algebraic expressions. For collecting like terms worksheet 8 questions are presented in a table format. Collecting like terms worksheet 9 asks a series of I think of a number type problems. Collecting like terms worksheet 10 asks students to multiply algebraic expressions together and collecting like terms worksheet 11 and collecting like terms worksheet 12 involve more difficult simplifying problems working at grade 7 and grade 9. Collecting like terms worksheet 12 and collecting like terms worksheet 11 involve brackets, fractions and powers and indices.

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Algebraic expressions are made up of letters and numbers. We call the letter the unknown. When a letter and number are together, such as 2b, we call this a term. When we simplify algebraic expressions we collect the like terms together.
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Algebraic pyramid type exercises work well when learning how to simplify expressions. How the pyramids work is by adding the two blocks, or bricks, which are below. Teachers may even want to make up their own pyramids from a sheet of blank prymaids. You can omit or delete any block to make the problem more difficult, or you can include fractions, decimals and negatives alongside the algebraic expression for more advanced students. Here are some blank pyramids to help along the way...
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